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LinkedInLong before science began validating the significance of changing our subconscious internal beliefs to create anew, Gail was on the leading-edge. She has guided hundreds of clients to new levels of joy, fulfillment, and success through her unique approach of transformation.

Understanding that hidden beliefs conditioned from a young age often hold us back, and are difficult to find on our own, Gail teaches clients how to bring them to awareness and let them go.

Hidden belief that thwarts success….

The number one subconscious belief that thwarts success and often lands people in financial debt is … fear of being alone or abandoned. Gail helps clients change beliefs such as these.

Based on scientific discoveries and innovative tools, Gail helps clients detoxify their minds of negative or false beliefs, much like one would cleanse the body of junk food. Then, using her intuitive coaching skills and expertise as a writer, Gail uniquely assists clients in crafting the right words to implement change.

From these words, she and clients collaborate on daily rituals and action plans to instill these new beliefs in their brains for lasting transformation.

Learning to build a strong foundation of self-love and worthiness from which to manifest your highest levels of well-being in work or relationship is at the core of Gail’s teaching. None of us come to adulthood perfectly nurtured.

Private coaching is offered in one-hour sessions; package discounts are available to those who commit to a minimum of six sessions.

What Coaching Clients Say

“Through a skilled and highly intuitive discovery process, Gail helped me to identify and unravel my limiting and painful beliefs. The process was both liberating and validating as it helped me to understand the mental and emotional causes of so much pain and inertia in my life. The techniques (EFT and RTS) she used were deeply transformative and were performed in the comfort of her office during monthly coaching sessions.

Through Gail, I systematically retrained my brain to embrace the new and productive beliefs that have moved me into a more joyful and positive life. Through each step of the process, Gail was beside me coaching and urging me to move forward. The insecurity and control issues that previously haunted me have been replaced with constructive thought processes. Thank you, Gail, for the beauty I now see.”
–Beth S, Wellesley, MA

Leading-Edge Tools

Gail provides an empathetic style of coaching, listening deeply and with a high level of intuition and awareness to the stories beneath a client’s current life circumstances. She then accesses one or both of these tools to help clients achieve more rapid results:

Rewriting the Script (RTS), developed and customized to help clients release subconscious beliefs that hold them back

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), one of the newer energy psychologies that helps clients release negative emotions more rapidly.

“Positive thoughts have a profound effect on behavior and genes, but only when they are in harmony with subconscious programming….When it comes to sheer neurological processing abilities, the subconscious mind is millions of time more powerful than the conscious mind.”
–Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., The Biology of Belief.


By aligning with others committed to change, you can often accelerate personal growth and success. Gail offers several, affordable seminars on-site at her Topsfield “Studio for Crafting Lives” or off-site in intimate settings, including spas, wellness centers, conference rooms and even private residences. She has been teaching and helping adults in transition connect with one other for more than 18 years.

Comments by Seminar Participants

“Gail is an enlightened, inspiring teacher who creates an open, trusting and safe environment which nurtures the soul’s full expression.”

* * *

“Gail leads with warmth, compassion and great wisdom.”

Mind Body Wellness

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Gail teaching live - one hour of coaching expertise.

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Coaching Testimonials


“Gail’s gift is the way she intuitively selects the right words to help shift thoughts and beliefs for greater success. She catches quite quickly all the internal blocks from the past. With wisdom and compassion, she empowers you to.. READ MORE..



For Spas, Wellness Centers & In Private Homes

Create More Powerfully - Live More Authentically
(Beyond the Secret and the Law of Attraction)

By dealing at the subconscious level of programming, Gail leads participants to create new empowering beliefs based on higher levels of self-esteem and worthiness. Gail is hired independently to teach on-site at various spas and wellness centers using her proprietary, breakthrough tools.

Seminar Topics:

-WHAT’s NEXT:  Finding Your Calling, Purpose or Passion
-Claiming Your Personal Power
-Creating A New Financial Identity
-Overcoming Fear of Success
-Embracing Life Transition:  Understanding the Three Stages of Creating Anew
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"Almost universally, the experiences that cause people to feel stuck have roots in what are considered negative beliefs created early in life. And it's precisely because they are subconscious that it's often difficult for us to see them in ourselves...Ninety percent or more of our daily actions are responses that come from the reservoir of information we accumulated during the first seven years of life...The reality is that most of us learned our subconscious habits in an environment that was a mixed bag."
-Gregg Braden, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.

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