Rescripting Your Life For Success

...Create a new life story from the inside out

  • Transform inhibiting beliefs and thoughtfully craft the specific words to create your new life story.
  • Accelerate growth through Gail’s “Creating a New Mindset for Living” customized coaching programs and tools.

“Intuitive. Remarkable. Amazing. Profound. Validating. Transformational. These are just a few words to describe working with Gail. One three-hour session with Gail was equal to a year’s worth of work. Gail’s loving, compassionate, highly skilled process helped me SHED what was holding me back.”

Kathy Dempsey, Founder, The Shedding Revolution

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“I learned more in one session with Gail than years of other types of counseling. She caught blocks no one else had captured before—she has an intuitive gift of creating fast breakthroughs.”

Cindy Kemp, Entrepreneur

“Gail understands the science of reprogramming the brain and balances this knowledge with a compassionate intuition that allows her to hear me and root out what belief I am operating under. She instinctively says the very word or phrase that brings forth a ‘yes, that’s it!’ from within. She then guides me in how to transform that belief. In this way I am already seeing many shifts in my thinking, which have led to greater confidence, focus, play, and happiness. I am being equipped with the tools to continue the process of personal growth…And in addition to the internal shifts, some other pretty cool things are coming about in the midst of this pause – a trip to Kenya, and unexpected money for a trip to Mexico. It is proving to be a grand adventure.  Gail is a great guide on the journey!”

Judy Miller, Healthcare Professional

“Gail’s gift is the way she intuitively selects the right words to help shift thoughts and beliefs for greater success. She catches quite quickly all the internal blocks from the past. With wisdom and compassion, she empowers you to live the life of your dreams and uses leading-edge, personal growth tools to help you get there.”

Marta Tracy, head of talent and development at OWNZONES Media Network, TV & media strategist, executive producer, and an original founding member of both E! Entertainment and The Style Network; also author of Starring You! The Insiders’ Guide to Using Television and Media to Launch Your Brand, Your Business and Your Life, Marina Del Rey, CA

“When I began working with Gail, my life was in a huge life transition, and I found myself uncertain not only about my circumstances at the time, but more importantly, uncertain of my next steps. I was stuck.

Over a relatively short period of time, I had retired from a long, successful career, sold my home, divorced my husband, and traveled across the country to relocate to Arizona. I was starting over – reinventing myself and found myself confused about how, what and when. I found that too many choices were simply overwhelming me.

Through my work with Gail, I discovered that my limiting beliefs about my capabilities and worthiness were blocking me from taking actions that I knew were right for me. Her wisdom, guidance and experience helped me to reframe my thoughts and begin to understand how practicing behaviors such as self-love, worthiness and optimism helped me to manage my thoughts and feelings in a new way. My work with Gail exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking new ways of living life to the fullest.”

Suzanne G., former executive, Scottsdale, AZ relocated from OH

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